My vision is for our neighborhood and town to be a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive place for individuals and families to live, work, and thrive.


No Compressor march over fore river bridge. Sign reads 2 system failures in one month, shut it down.

Elizabeth is passionate about our local environment and public health. I know she will be a fierce advocate on the town council against the Weymouth Compressor Station and for a cleaner, more healthy future.

Robert Kearns, Environmental Advocate

East Braintree is our home, and it’s worth protecting for generations to come.

Imagine building a toxic gas compressor station

  • on flood zones and wetlands,
  • in an area suffering from major coastal erosion,
  • with few remaining signs of biodiversity,
  • on property surrounded by economic justice zones.

East Braintree is home to a sewage plant, a chemical treatment facility, and an industrial gas and oil tank depot. Tankers with 350,000 barrels of oil travel under the Fore River Bridge and right up to the shore. The presence of hazardous pollutants like benzene and xylenes is well-documented.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

A toxic and potentially explosive compressor station in close proximity to homes, schools, parks, restaurants, churches, wetlands, and wildlife is bad news for all of us.

I view the role of Town Councilor as elevating – and fighting – these issues at every opportunity. I pledge to inform residents about opportunities and challenges, and to build support for mitigation strategies that will restore and preserve this beautiful stretch of land. Let’s protect East Braintree for generations to come.

Elizabeth is an active member of the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS) (opens external page) and on the Steering Committee of Sustainable Braintree (opens external page). She has dedicated many citizen hours attending meetings, participating in hearings, asking questions, and doing research to learn about the impact the compressor station and other environmental hazards have on our community.

Fiscal Responsibility

coin stacks increasing to become jar of money

Elizabeth is a great neighbor and an asset to the community.

Melissa Barone, District 3 Resident

Elected officials must demonstrate careful fiscal stewardship of town resources.

An annual budget is a tool for achieving goals, managing resources, and maintaining and improving infrastructure. The budget process must result in meaningful economic security for public services. We are facing revenue challenges at the same time we are anticipating costly capital projects.

Sustainable new revenue streams must be identified to support our schools, neighborhood services, public health and safety departments. We need to find and maximize every potential state, federal, and private dollar. We need a Master Plan that incorporates public input and guides our future growth.

Inclusion & Accessibility

We deserve to live in a welcoming community that is accessible to all.

We need a transparent and inclusive community planning process. From keeping our schools competitive to planning for senior housing needs, residents must be included in the decision-making process. Inclusion builds a culture of belonging, fosters kindness and empathy, and demonstrates dignity and respect.

Improving the livability of our community depends on collaboration at all levels. As your elected councilor, I pledge to seek community engagement and input into all policy decisions that come before me. This is how we achieve equitable and lasting outcomes, and we deserve them.

Gender Diversity Silhouettes

Elizabeth is a candidate whose strong advocacy skills will work to improve important community issues around environmental health, community accessibility, inclusion, and overall quality of life for the residents of Braintree.

Crystal Evans, Braintree Resident


Braintree Old Library

Elizabeth truly cares about our community and will work tirelessly to help us improve it.

Kelly Marcinkowski, District 3 Resident

Public service is about making sure everyone has a voice.

Whether calling for better oversight of our parks and waterways or addressing traffic calming and parking issues, consistent communication is a key component of effective public service.

As your elected councilor, I pledge to establish simple methods of communication, such as:

  • Ongoing virtual office hours
  • Meet-ups and neighborhood walks
  • Electronic and video newsletters